Our Story

Exalted Guy Interactive was formed on August 7 th 2014 for the purpose of creating mobile games on the android and iPhone market. Since then, EGI has worked not only on independent game projects for mobile phone but also the Steam digital distribution system.

Exalted Guy Interactive is now in the process of developing their first Virtual Reality game for the HTC Vive slated to be in early access in February of 2019. The VR market is a giant leap forward for the EGI team, with most of the teams experience being in the 2D mobile and desktop puzzle genres.

Meet the Team

The Exalted Guy team has been together long before founding the company. Originally, the team started as a group of friends who simply liked playing video games and D&D together.


President & Lead Developer

Eric has been programming games from a very young age. Always attempting to throw his own brand of game design into the mix.


Creative Lead & Artist

Jason is the dreamer of the group. Never willing to settle for what has already been done he tries to push the team to be more creative and innovative in its design philosophy.


Quality Assurance

Evan is the man you want when you want to find out what’s going to break first. If you think your game is perfect and has no issues, he’s bound to find them.


Backend Developer

Mike is the most recent addition to the team. He brings an unmatched calm and deliberate manner to every meeting and always has something of value to add.